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NewCreationIT offers customization and deployment of best-of-breed open-source practice management and EMR software for small clinics, medical centers, and large hospitals offering Obstetrics and Gynecology services, and integrated maternity patient care.

Key modules include:
MY WORKSPACE : Communications, Reminders, Alerts, Personal Schedule
PATIENT REGISTRATION : New Client Registration, etc.
SCHEDULING : Appointments, meetings, etc.

Some of the features for a OB/GYN EMR (Maternity Care Information System) for integrated maternity patient care, include:


This module will handle all the basic aspects of managing a medical practice. Initially this will consist of:

1, Patient Registration
2, Patient information

  • Personal Information
  • Medical history
  • Health and family history
  • Past Pregnancies / Obstetric history
  • Current Pregnancy status
3, Patient Scheduling
4, Patient Billing
5, Pharmacy


This module essentially contains all aspects of clinical notes of the mother during pregnancy, during labor and delivery and immediately following delivery, along with the care of the new born. An important feature of the Maternity Charts is the management of Ultrasonography images to record and monitor fetal development.

A) Obstetric Case Record : Antepartum/Prenatal Care
- patient notes
- treatment summary
- investigations
- lifestyle changes review
- birth plan
- review pregnancy care plan
- problems in pregnancy
- Ultrasonography Management (including PACS/DICOM)
- Successive pregnancies management
B) Obstetric Case Record : Intrapartum (during labor and delivery)
- clinical notes during onset of labor, assessment in labor, delivery, method of delivery, staff present, baby status, etc.
- Record of anesthetics, anesthetic procedures, antenatal anesthetic review, postnatal anesthetic review
- procedures if any, assisted delivery, operative procedure
C) Obstetric Case Record : Labor & Delivery Report
D) Obstetric Case Record : Postnatal care
- postnatal review
- motherís examination
- babyís examination
E) Obstetric Case Record : Outcomes / Discharge Summary
- non-registerable birth
- outborn summary
- death of child
- maternal death
- administrative closure of pregnancy record
- clinical closure of pregnancy record

ACOG (American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) forms, health maintenance reminders, reports to evaluate quality and cost of care and many other critical features required for an Ob-Gyn practice can be designed specific to an individual practice.


NewCreationIT provides Ob-Gyn EMR Software for use in solo practices, small clinics, medical centers, and hospitals. NewCreationIT works with Physicians to provide a solution that works best for their practice in terms of cost, accessibility, features and long-term goals. We leverage robust open source healthcare information systems with all key features required for practice management, patient registration, scheduling, medical billing, medical records, medications, prescriptions, laboratory, orders, reports, etc. This ensures that cost is kept low and there are no recurring license fees.


NewCreationIT provides the software configuration that you are comfortable with and which works best for your Ob-Gyn practice. These options include:
1. Client-server: The EMR software is installed within your Ob-Gyn practice and on your computers.
2. Hosted Client-server: We host the server in the client server system in a secure data center and physicians and staff within your Ob-Gyn practice accesses the system using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) over the Internet.
3. EMR in the Cloud, Web-based, Fully Hosted: We also offer fully web-based, multi-tiered EMR software and your staff accesses the software using a web-browser over the Internet. This is commonly referred to as Cloud Computing.


We provide a fully customized EMR and EHR software for your Ob-Gyn practice. Unlimited clinical and administrative forms can be created with custom fields and data elements to suit the way you like to work. You can indicate what features you want or do not want to have: drug-drug interaction, allergy, dose and drug effect checking. The prescriptions wizard enables quick prescriptions with dose and dispensing instructions. Any number of Lab tests and Lab orders can be set up. Billing allows manual charges to be recorded for patients. Reports can be developed according to the needs of the medical center or practice. Additional features such as interfaces to lab equipment, management of radiology images (DICOM/PACS), point of sale bar code scanning and electronic ordering can be readily added. A Ob-Gyn EMR workflow system to track pending tasks in real time, e.g. which patients are waiting where, how long, for what, and who is responsible, can be included. This data can be used to improve patient care and service delivery by all providers. A web-based patient portal enables patient self-registration and message interaction with their physician.

Why Customized Software?

Simply put "one size does not fit all"! You run your practice the way you like it. You have your own forms and data that you like to gather. Your personal touch and the way you do things is what differentiates you. So why give this up to fit into a mold that is forced on you. Most off-the-shelf commercial software offer highly complex products which are mostly underused or not properly applied in clinical practice. You end up paying for a lot of features you do not need or are not exactly the way you want them.

What about hosted, ready-to-run software?

Not something to consider unless you are willing to give up on your key differentiators and settle to fit the mold. Further, data extraction for analysis and customized reporting to facilitate practice based research and process improvements are either not possible or will be difficult to do when your data is outside your reach. NewCreationIT hosts your solution just for you. The software, along with the entire database is secure and is available anytime for your practice.

Standards & Certification

We follow industry standards to ensure HIPAA compliance, data set standards (HL7 Version 3.x, HL7 EHR), use of CPT and ICD-10 coding, and ANSI X12 standards for electronic data interchange (EDI). Depending on your region, medical billing software components, claims processing and ePrescription (eRx) will be customized as required. For practices in the USA, Regulatory Reporting to demonstrate meaningful use for 2011 Measures and ARRA/HITECH HHS certification will be included.


NewCreationIT will work with Ob-Gyn practices to customize and deploy the Ob-Gyn EMR solution for their medical practice at very low costs. Since we use open-source software practices will have to only pay for the services involved in customization and deployment. There are no ongoing licensing fees, etc.

For a Ob-Gyn EMR/EHR software implementation plan and cost, please contact us at: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

NewCreationIT is a leading provider of technology solutions that transform both the clinical and financial aspects of healthcare delivery. NewCreationIT leverages its software development center in Bangalore, India to deliver world-class, custom solutions for medical practices, at amazingly low costs. To learn more about our company, our services and how we can assist your business, please contact us.

Next Steps

1, Please contact NewCreationIT for a free web-demo or for a remote deployment of the software for you to test-drive the product.
2, Thereafter, please request for NewCreationITís free implementation plan, roadmap and costing for the EMR software implementation at your site(s).
3, Once approved, NewCreationIT will proceed with the implementation and remote deployment of the EMR/EHR and Practice Management software for your practice.
4, NewCreationIT will remain available for user training, and ongoing support, as required, after the implementation.